Digital MIS an Education ERP Software Carries out the Complete activity of an institution Seamlessly with less effort by achieving great accuracy in terms of time and values.

  • 10+ Web Based Modules
  • 3 Android Apps
  • Online Fees Collection Module
  • Online Quiz Application
  • Online Attendence System
  • Online Exam Application
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Smart School with AR & VR Module

  • School Content is integrated with LMS.
  • Content is stored in Cloud server which can be accessed offline as well online.
  • Content is developed by using Maya animation software tool.
  • 3D Content can be viewed by students in their laptop windows mixed reality (WMR) device.

Smart School Management Software

  • User Access Authentication Based ERP Software hosted in cloud server (KMDS).
  • ERP Software can be used as SaaS (Software As a Service).
  • Admin Dashboard with Graphical representation of administrative records of school.
  • Staff registration, Student Registration, Fees collection, Books & Accounts, cash book, Digital Library etc.
  • Student IA Marks, Attendance through Mobile App.
  • Dynamic reports, analytics and apps for administration, students, teachers and parents.

Learning Management System(LMS)

  • Teacher can Upload Study Materials(Video, Audio, PDF, Word Document).
  • Student can watch Lecture Videos uploaded by the Teacher through Smart Phone anywhere and anytime.
  • Student can take Online Quiz through Mobile App.
  • Discussion Forum – Students can ask questions to the teacher through mobile app.
  • Students can discuss among themselves on the lessons.

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Online Cab Bookings

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